eCommLegal was born from the desire to better serve online entrepreneurs with their contract needs. After speaking at tech conferences in the United States and abroad, it became clear that the majority of the questions that freelancers, agencies, and developers face center around contracts. 

  • Can I use a template?
  • Can I cut and paste from someone else’s contract
  • What does open source licensing mean for me and my business? 

Having founded Kinney Firm which served entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes WordPress and Open Source, attorney Rian Kinney, saw that the contract templates being sold or made available online were too overly broad to provide real benefit or drafted too “lawyerlike” to be understood or used by business owners with their clients. 


The other blocker tech entrepreneurs face is struggling to find attorneys in their area that understand their industry, that will even talk to them without requiring a huge retainer, let alone work on a flat or fixed fee basis.


Always wanting to educate and empower entrepreneurs, not just give them a fish but teach them how to fish, Rian created eCommLegal to provide flat-fee, pre-packaged contracts that will serve as foundation for your online business. 


We look forward to adding valuable and useful content, and creating an online community where business owners can get answers to your and insightful solutions to your business challenges. 


While the Freelancer Contract Package is the first to launch, based on demand. Agency contracts and resources are scheduled for release June 2020. We are also, working to create an online business course, taught by a tech and eCommerce attorney, that will cover the essential legal issues and strategies business owners must be aware of in order to not just survive, but thrive. 


If you enter your email address below, we will make sure you get all of the updates for our upcoming products and services. And, of course, eCommLegal is here to serve you, if you have suggestions or feedback, we would love to hear from you.