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Vendor contracts, data protection agreements, cancellation/refund/shipping polices, oh my! We've got what you need.

Web Development Agencies

Larger deals and clients mean more deal terms and larger contracts. We have you convered.


The contracts you need to CYA cover your assets, without scaring your clients.

App Developers

Never thought there'd be a DIY contract catering to you, did you? Tech attorneys love drafting EULA's. Check us out.

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Tech & eCommerce Attorney Drafted

Just like you don’t want a foot doctor performing your brain surgery, you can’t afford to have just any attorney take a stab at drafting your Open Source licensing, intellectual property, privacy, or technology contracts.

Unlike contract solutions offered by non-attorneys or drafted by unknown attorneys, eCommLegal is owned and operated by an experienced tech and privacy attorney that teaches privacy and tech ethics to attorneys, has lectured nationally and internationally on tech and eCommerce contracts.

Real World Ready

Battle-tested contracts you need to CYA (cover your assets) without scaring your clients.

Industry Experience

Attorneys that successfully represent freelancers, agencies, developers.

Frequently asked questions

Our Freelancer Contract Bundle is offered to freelancers, 5 contracts for $499. You could expect to pay an attorney at least 3-5 hours, per contract, at their hourly rate (approx. $200-$500/hr.) for any 1 of these contracts, you’re getting all 5 for less than the cost of 1. 

Major changes in laws that apply to the contracts sold by eCommLegal don’t occur that often so paying a monthly fee for auto-updating isn’t recommended. If we find it’s a service you want, we will add a monthly subscription to our service offering and invite you to join.

All contracts are delivered in the… format, While the contracts provided recommended language based on your business type and  industry, to CYA (cover your assets), they are completely customizable for you to add your logo, make them your own or add any language your local attorney recommends based on your more specific needs.

We know! You need them NOW! We’re working quickly to assemble the core contracts you need to drive your agency and they will be ready on (or before) June 1, 2020. If you’re a member of our newsletter, we will let you know when they are available. 

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